LOVE this paint color! Sherwin Williams "Pavil

LOVE this paint color! Sherwin Williams "Pavillion Beige"

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5 Responses to LOVE this paint color! Sherwin Williams "Pavil

  1. Carla Gierke says:

    Have gone to Sherwin – Williams they do not have a color called ” PAVIL” and could not find a match from any other paint Co. This same color is listed as with to different names? What is it?
    Pavilion Beige?

    • cheryl says:

      Hi, Its actually called pavillion beige…I was just looking at it on their website so surely it’s in the store.

  2. Kelly says:

    I love your floors!! Where can I find them?

  3. annie says:

    FYI – just bought Pavillion Beige from Sherwin Williams. IT IS NOT THE COLOR PICTURED! It’s yellow beige. EW.

  4. Julie says:

    This looks pretty identical to the color I just painted throughout my house, which is sherwin williams “utterly beige”. Maybe that is what this is?

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