cool website with all things wedding.

cool website with all things wedding.

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  1. JRCX says:

    Wholesale costs:
    $1,000 Videographer with shooting & editing if you can find one decent
    $1,200 Photographer if you find one that can shoot, edit, design and deliver an album
    $800 DJ if you can find a decent one for that price

    That’s half your budget, no limos, no florist… so you got $3k left, and even with a small guest list of 150, you have only $20 per person to feed. Unless its sandwiches, not sure how you can accomplish this. No alcohol, no dessert. Unless you have charity from everyone (your father is a baker, your mother a cook, your friend a florist, another friend with a huge backyard and a friend who will DJ for free — dress, favors, food costs alone can easily be $6k — if you can manage this, pls let me know?

  2. Kimberly says:

    have a family member do the video and the photos that’s $2,200 saved there then take to the rest of your family that can cook and bake and see if they will make food for the wedding and give them $1,000 to buy the ingredients and use your Ipod with selected music for your wedding and speakers that are loud enough for everyone to hear, and then you will have $5,000 to find a cheap venue. you can also go to your local flower shop and get great deals on bundle orders and go to a local liquor store and pick up a few cases of cheap but good wine that’s a good way to save when you are on a budget for a wedding.

  3. Diane says:

    Yes it can be done . The most expensive thing will be your venue and that depends on if you want elaborate . Don’t shop for wedding djs but a good dj and also cut costs on the pictures but using a photographer that will take shots and you do your own album. It can be done .

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